Nottingham St Peter


Archival Sources

Nottinghamshire Archives Office

Parish registers: Baptisms from 1571, Marriages from 1571, Burials from 1570.

Vestry minutes 1649-1813

Account Book of Gilds of St George and St Mary, 1459-1546

Account book of Easter Offering 1624

and much else! The NAO’s duplicated list of deposited documents from St Peter’s extends to 65pp. plus additions (ex-current material is deposited regularly and older material as it comes to light).

Lincolnshire Archives Office

Non-residence licences 1840-61

Faculty papers relating to restoration 1873 and from 1877-78

Church of England Record Office

Various papers, mostly of secondary interest but including:

1832:            Detailed return by Rector, Robert White Almond, rise of Dissent, opposition to Easter Offering, glebe house too small and rented out.
1866:   Return of income 1863-65; main source is Midland Railway (following sale of glebe land in Meadows, 1864 - sketch map extant; further sale of land to railway 1887).
1867-69:   Series of letters from Rector, David Whalley, concerning state of parish and bid for augmentation.
1922:   Returns by Rector, H.P. Hale, suggesting merger with St Nicholas’ or St John Baptist Leenside; rectory too large.

Borthwick Institute, York

Register of Archbishop Walter de Grey showing institution of John de Nottingham as Rector, 1241.

Lambeth Palace Library

Parochial survey, November 23 1650, for St Mary’s, St Peter’s and St Nicholas’ (Comm. XIIa/13/364).

Incorporated Church Building Society papers include application of 1820 with plan showing church as in 1815 and as proposed with additional pewing, closure of north & south doors etc.

Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings

(there is said to be a substantial file on St Peter’s, but it could not be not traced in May 1999.)

References to St Peter’s in Annual report for 1932.

St. Deiniol’s Library, Hawarden

Sir Stephen Glynne papers (before 1840)

Diocesan & archdeaconry records, at Southwell Minster , Nottingham and Lincoln (some archdeaconry records also in Hallward Library, University of Nottingham); NB Archdeaconry Court met in St Peter’s for many years.

Published Sources

Beckett, John (ed), 1997, A centenary history of Nottingham.

Blackner, John, 1815, A history of Nottingham, 2 vols. (With an engraving of the south front.)

Bramley, J., 1938, St Peter’s Church, Nottingham, Transactions of the Thoroton Society, 42, pp.28-62. (The main historical and descriptive account, though not including the latest developments; the principal source for Derry’s guide, below.)

Briscoe, J.P., 1881, Old Nottinghamshire, pp.31-4.

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Evans, Robert, 1915, St Peter’s Church, Nottingham, Transactions of the Thoroton Society, 19, pp.13-24. (Important source on the restorations of the late 19th and early 20th century, by the architect concerned. A brief note by Evans also appeared in TTS 1 (1897), pp. 34-36.)

Fisher, Nelson, 1998, Eight hundred years: the story of Nottingham’s Jews Reference to synagogue on St Peter’s Gate by 1257 (cf. Violet Walker in TTS 67 (1968), pp. 36-38).

Henstock, Adrian (ed), 1980, The diary of Abigail Gawthern of Nottingham, 1751-1810. (Thoroton Record Series, 33) 175pp.

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An historical account of the rise of image worship taken chiefly from Chemnitius his examen of the Council of Trent, in a letter to the parishioners of St. Peter in Nottingham, on the occasion of an alter-piece lately set up in that church, 1715, 36pp. (The only known copy of this pamphlet is in the Local Studies Library, Angel Row, Nottingham.)

Hodgkinson, R.F.B., (ed), 1939, The account books of the Gilds of St. George and of St. Mary in the church of St. Peter Nottingham 123pp.

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Pevsner, Nikolaus, 1979, The buildings of England: Nottinghamshire. Revised by Elizabeth Williamson. pp. 223-224. (NB: The reference to a painting of the Last Supper by Edward Dovey is inaccurate; this is technically still extant but in 1815 was covered by Barber’s “Agony in the Garden” now forming the ceiling of the west porch.)

Phillimore, W.P.W. & Ward, James, (eds.), 1901, Nottingham parish registers: marriages: St Peter’s Church, 1572-1812.

Records of the Borough of Nottingham 9 vols. (1882-1956), passim.

Renshaw, Martin & Horne, Peter, 1989, article in Historical Organ Notes, no.6/7 pp.16-18.

Riley, Cathryn, c. 1982, Incidents in the history of St Peter’s Church in Nottingham 8pp.

St Peter’s Church [or Parish] Magazine. Issues from Jan. 1933 are held in the Church Office, and their contents listed up to 1984. A set of the issues for 1901-2 is also extant.

St Peter’s History Group publications:

The windows of St Peter’s Church Nottingham, 1986, 20pp.

The monuments of St Peter’s Church, Nottingham, 1990, 59pp.

The Rectors of St Peter’s Church, Nottingham 1241-1991, by Peter Hoare, 1992. With appendices: Ministers of St James, Standard Hill, 1809-1935, by Peter Hoare, and Churchwardens of St Peter’s, 1559-1991, by Sally Kersting. 64pp.

Samuels, John, 1998, Report on archaeological watching brief on the re-opening of the south door.

Stapleton, Alfred, 1905, Churches and monasteries of old and new Nottingham, pp.42-50.

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